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Pllieay 24pcs 8 Colors Soft Foam Balls, Lightweight Mini Indoor Toys Play Balls for Safe Fun, Birthday Party for Boys and Girls

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2020-11-20 00:00:00

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24 Packs 8 Colors: Each set is equipped with 24 foam balls; very suitable as a snack for a group of children, playthings for other families or other things, in case your child loses the ball@Safety of Indoor Games: The ball designed for children which can enjoy non-destructive fun in the house! These 2.5-inch foam balls are made of soft, lightweight foam, suitable for young children, and will not bounce or knock down things around the house. This means that you can rest easily because the children can have fun indoors@Cool Party Preferences: These play balls for toddlers can be made into perfect candy bag gifts, carnival prizes, Pi?ata fillers, Easter egg fillers, treasure box prizes, Christmas socks and competition gifts. For children over 3 years old@Vivid Color Matching: Complement interesting games with eye-catching colors. Children will like a variety of bright colors, including red, yellow, green and blue. They will also like the texture of the soft ball to prevent the sponge from being squeezed@Very suitable for giving gifts, especially for children who are curious

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You never worry about the safety of indoor ACTIVE INDOOR FUN!
No more worrying about seeing children throwing balls in the house! Let active boys and girls treat these soft balls and let them play their energy and immerse themselves in games.

Why do children like to play ball:
1. Curiosity will make children interested in all things, just like "they can play anything" upstairs, but the ball is more attractive to them, because the ball is round and will roll, and small Children will be more interested in dynamic things ~

2. The ball is an interesting "guy" in the eyes of the baby. You see, as long as the round ball gently gives it a little external force, it will roll forward, the direction of the rolling changes according to the direction of the force, and it will bounce back when it touches something; you can let the ball rotate in place, like a Gyro, beautiful colors; you can learn to throw the ball hard, if you make it harder, it will jump back higher, and with more force, the ball will jump higher than the baby; stand a few empty plastic beverage bottles in front , Let the baby aim in the direction, push the ball out hard, and see how many are knocked down, and who is accurate.

Package included:
24 Packs 8 colors soft foam balls