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Pllieay Green Bamboo Sticks (60PCS 30CM)

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2020-12-25 00:00:00

Quick Overview

Package: Come with 60 pieces green plant stakes and 20 meters/65.6ft of hemp rope@Size(approx.): 30cm long, the perfect size for small pot plants, flowers or other shrubbery around the home or garden@Good Quality: These garden plant stakes are made of good-quality wood. They have an ultra smooth finish which makes it super easy to work with since it won’t splinter your fingers@Plant Dyeing Color: Our Bamboo Plant Stakes are dyeing under a special process, the color is fixed and will not fade easily. Even soaking in water will not stain the water green and will keep your hands with no green after working with it@Applications: It can be made with floral arrangements, growing vegetables(such as tomatoes) or any projects that involves water. And it is ideal for outdoor use such as holiday decorations and bouquets, also great for all sorts of uses in the garden, popular with florist to pack a beautiful bouquet

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Pllieay garden bamboo sticks are committed to providing you with the professional gardening services!

Why Should Pllieay Plant Support Sticks ?
1. Material: High-quality wood
2. The surfaces of our garden bamboo sticks have been treated so that they are smooth and flat without puncturing the fingers.
3. Our green sticks are very suitable for use as plant stakes to provide support for growing plant stems.
4. They can also be made as decoration to add some fun to your garden.
5. Suitable for florist flower arrangement, tomato and other vine planting, Handicraft class.
6. Pointed end make it easy to insert into foam and clay.
7. Water resistant and non-fade green dye.
8. Great for all sorts of uses in the garden.

Material: Bamboo
Size(approx.): 30 cm x 5 mm

Package Included:
60 x Wooden plant stake (30 cm x 5 mm )
1 x Hemp rope (20 meters/65.6ft)

1. The pointed end of our garden bamboo sticks are easy to insert.
2. You can use install tool to cut according to the length you need, which is very easy to use.
3. When bamboo needed to be inserted into hard ground, tool is also needed.
4. Please be careful with your hands. These wooden plant stake will fade slightly, but will not affect use.