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Pllieay 25 Pieces Bamboo Stakes Garden Stakes for Indoor and Outdoor Gardening Plant Supports, 2 Feet

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2020-06-26 00:00:00

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Bamboo stakes play an important role in the early growth and growth habits of young plants and trees. They can be the difference between straight and curved trees. These bamboo stickes can provide proper bending and movement for growing plants so as not to interfere with normal root development@Dimension: About 2 feet height, each package contain 25 bamboo stakes, lightweight and sturdy, perfect for propping up vegetables and other short plants@Material: Bamboo, easy to cut and drill. These piles are made from renewable natural materials and are less expensive than wood or meta, but enough sturdy for your gardening job, and it is also recyclable@Easy to use: Just put the slim and sturdy plant stakes into the soil. It is easy to cut to any length you like, and great for building trellises or teepees for natural climbing plant support@Multiple Use: Very suitable for horticultural planting, used as plant stakes and markers, or as supports for row covers and potted plants, such as secure floppy plants like tomatoes, dwarf shrubs and and other flowering plants

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United States
Pllieay 2' Natural, Pack of 25 Bamboo Stakes

Made of bamboo with smooth surface, full of flexibility for crafts making and gardening
Very suitable for horticultural planting, help early plants get enough sunshine
Bamboo is a natural environmentally friendly material

Material: Bamboo
Color: Natural color
Size(approx.): 2 Feet

Package included:
25 x Bamboo Stakes

1. Because it is naturally grown and air-dried bamboo, there may be black spots on the surface, but it will not affect your use
2. These bamboo stakes maybe different from the longth and the straight, please make sure you do not mind before buying
3.These bamboo sticks are 2 feet long, make sure the size is you need before buying